After a long time on and Off with being a DJ, I finally got

The grip again to restart. New Way, New Me.


DJ Since 2010

Starting back then with no Controller. Just 4 Fun I started playing music for a minor Group Online.

Rapidly People liked my Taste in Music. So I went further and bought my First Controller, which was a 

American Audio VMS4.1


After that, I got another Controller that I only had for 2-3 Days due to Incompatibility issues.

Then I got a Traktor Kontrol S2,

Then a Traktor Kontrol S2MK3,

Now i have a Traktor Kontrol S3.

PArty Hard in Style

Party Hard in Style is My try to Create Sets that i can be proud of.

I search Weekly for new Music that fits my Style.

The goal is to get a 30min to 1 Hour Set of the Songs I liked most at the beginning of each month.

Normal Livesets that I will do Online in VRC or maybe even IRL will also be Uploaded. 

In the end, I hope that People will enjoy the Sets,

And allowing me to make more Livesets. 

Contact ME





Send Me a Short Message. I will answer as quickly as i can (Spam gets Blocked)