Floof, Feathers & Scales

About Myself

I am 31 Years, From Germany, VTuber, DJ and Content Creator mostly on Twitch.
I also from Time to Time create Content for TikTok as well as Youtube.


Sponsorship Placements

There are a lot of ways to Place Ads.
On the Homepage, I can add Banners with direct Links to Products in different Locations and Sizes.


On Twitch I can add a Banner directly Below the Stream.


On Stream, all the Magic happens. I can make Small Ads come In every Certain amount of time.
Adding a “sponsored by” directly into the Overlay.


In the 3D Space as a Vtuber, I can get even more Creative. Object Placement on a Desk for Instead.
Neon Signs on Walls in the Background. Logos on Clothing I Use on my Avatar.


VRCWorld Product Placement would be the most advanced way.
Creating my Own world again is on the List and adding Objects I use or as an Ads placement somewhere
is an Idea I had in mind.

Contact ME





Send Me a Short Message. I will answer as quickly as i can (Spam gets Blocked)